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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  December 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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it is christmas and or or is here and rosemary is here for steve. this will be sliding to the north of us, and the steady rain will be with us. you can see a few sells north of hillsberg, but this will be a quick moving system and i will timeline to show you when the rain will fall and when it will leave, good morning, tara. >> we do want to mention parking is free in san francisco, they will not be enforced so that is good news.
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we have allie rasmus joining us from outside. >> reporter: good morning, brian, st. anthony is preparing 4,000 meals for people and the preparations will start behind these doors 90 minutes from now but the planning for this day took months. they really stepped up to cook enough hams and they left foods to serve and collected a total of 400 hams and they will be served starting at 10:00 a.m.
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this morning. they do serve meals here throughout the week but today's meal is he can a special and helping to serve is the navy and football cops team and they will be -- football coaches and they will be working to serve this meal and it will be served at 10:00 and a lot of people will be lining up to take advantage of this benefit. allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. the memorial church in san francisco expecting to serve, it runs from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and thousands will be enjoying the food. east palo alto more rain
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approaches and they have put sandbags out a day over that water seed over. it prompted mandatory evacuations for 7 homes. >> there is an area that has some boils so they will create a circle around that area so they can convert it if need be. >> one family shows us their home, it is hard breaking to tee. that is not until next fall. the afternoon storms skein all over, one area was blond by a mudslide. crews spent the day cleaning up the mudslide that was left all
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over the road. the church service happened on mcarthur boulevard. a 17-year-old and a woman was shot and a bullet even landed in a baby stroller. the two were by thing for her life. now they are looking for the three people responsible. witnesses report hearing several shots and was taken to the hospital where she is listed in critical condition. and it happened on west street yesterday morning. neighbors heard about 30 shots a man living there took this which was abandoned after the shooting. so far no arrests have been made. police say the man was
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crossing hogan avenue just before 5:30 last night when he was hit. the vehicle is described as a black 1990s honda civic with front end damage. it happened 2:00 yesterday afternoon on hollier man. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. nine bay area hospitals are on. 5400 nurses walked off the job, nurses say they are striking one health benefits and being
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staffing levels. >> the hospital has made multiple proposals regarding pensions, health, insurance for nurses, all of the proposals have been rejected. they come back saturday, the city manager send a letter to the mayor saying a consultant's report sue sports the choice to repair detective pipes. critics are concerned they would not be inherently safer than fire code requirements. the spark sickened 50,000 people. the christmas eve toy drive ended at 2:00 a.m.
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as opposed to 10:00 last night. the goal was 15,000 with things like pies kills and other christmas gifts. officers loaded up their patrol cars filled with toys. the gifts were given specifically to those who really need them. >> a lot of disturbances around the holidays and a lot of times they are left in the dark. >> well there are some people besides us who are working today. bart muni and cal train are all running and there is no mail delivery except for express
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mail. >> we of course are here for you, tara is in for sal this new york. i am noticing an accident up in marin county this is near san rafael, we have an injury crash and it look like they have it town to one lane. hopefully there is not too much traffic on the roadway right now. you can see traffic is moving nicely downtown berkeley and this morning, hopefully everything is sleeping and traffic is running well in potential directions. here is rosemary. this rain you see moving through the northern edge of
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california will continue to shift in our area land be quite active for the second half of your christmas. you can see the few and that has to offset the cooling but we really did cool down overnight but now i am seeing those numbers repound. a few light cells even a few sprinkles in hillside and the steady errand will hold -- steadier rain will hold off and until noontime it will not laugh, wednesday night into thursday. get my days straight. it is a chilly tart out there,
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upper 40s and lower 30s for part north bay. again the clouds are helping us out just a little bit. we have rain and win and even the possibility of isolated storms just on and off. 50s it is going to be a difficult one. scattered showers will remain wednesday morning. then we are drying out, partly cloudy skies with high coming up. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> the criminal past of the sums -- suspect. >> the powerful storms could
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bring dangerous driving to certain parts of the country. here is emoryville, we have an accident that we want to talk about coming up.
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. good morning to you, and merry christmas, a storm approaches the bay area. all police officers in newtown connecticut have the day off so they can spend time with their families. newtown is still reeling from the shooting that killed 6 adults and 22 children. you are looking where people celebrate christmas eve and a church sang a chris mall mass
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-- christmas call roll. there may be more victims. investigators believe he set a fire to lure and trap firefighters. now the ex-conn who killed his brand mother -- grandmother, killed the firefighters and the fire spread to 7 homes and meanwhile his sister has not been accounted for. a female siberian tiger killed a teenager an injured two of his friends. they believe the animal was provoked. police had to shoot and kill the tiger. the zoo was fined and settled lawsuits with the teen and his two friends. the suspect caught for a
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dui fell into the creek and they searched for him but lost site of him. many tell us they didn't have time to finish off their gift lists and many came to other stores that were offering bigger discounts. now they can consider gifts they had not thought of before. >> i am getting things my sister actually wants. >> oh, boy, exchanging already, the malls are predicting big crowds when many will be checking out the sales, industry on what they could discount on the shelves as much as 80% for spring merchandise. there are still postal
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workers delivering packages and cards. they are helping santa get all of those packages to people but the postal service said they volunteered so their co-workers could spend the day with their friendly and friends. coming up, the message he had for the word on this who'll tie. unfortunately, tara moriarty has an accident. the impact was so severe the front wheels of the car were completely off. one lane is closed and there is quite a lot of debris so they will have to clear that out. pittsburgh, you can see traffic
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is flowing well. the traffic is hard to make but it is right there on the right- hand side at the caldecott tunnel. good morning to you, second half of our christmas day, it will be a bit stormy, this is the storm and they are sue potting -- supporting light rain. you can't rule out the possibility of splash and dash showers but it is the afternoon where we will have to be watchful with saturated soils already in place that they will begin to rise. highway 101, clover dale, hillsboro, even santa rosa is are aring fog this morning so if you have an early morning drive, that you should be aware
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of. for the most part we are dry, partly cloudy skies, here comes the front, light rain is falling over parts of the north bay, it becomes more steady and we will see it is just to the right of fremont and by 4:00 and 5:00 this will be in the wettest points and scattered showers. low around the region, it is a chilly start today, similar to yesterday, afternoon highs, 50s, 54 san francisco, mid-50s in mountain view so if you are going to take the kids out early, to it early and most of the weekend looks good as well. crews will keep looking for
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a missing woman. she left her home on upper lake sunday night. she seemed depressed and they found her clothing. hazel is five foot 3 with bronx brown hair. this is the thyme where skiers go to the slopes. and it comes a day after a man was caught in an avalanche. 49-year-old steven anderson was buried for five hours and pie the time they reached him, it was too late. >> they didn't find him and he was at the bottom of the cliff instead of at the top. >> several people were looking and they say the risk for more avalanches is considerable in
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the next 48 hours. now a member of the ski patrol is in critical condition after being caught in an avalanche there. they threw a roll and the avalanche broke much higher and wider than expected. one person was covered for 8 minutes, he was recovered and taken to the hospital. the area is now closed to the public. snow is expected over the interstate 80 corridor in the afternoon. right now chains are required son other powerful state routes. a storm could bring dangerous tornadoes in the u.s. thunderstorms are in east texas to florida. freezing rain is expected in
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oklahoma and a blizzard is out on the runway. >> typically when we start clearing it is a crew of 7 people who are in trucks and we have spotters. >> kentucky could get 4 to 7 inches of snow today. >> a special message from the pope. he specifically mentioned it and we will hear what he is urging all christians to do. there are two times you can watch it, you will also have more on your news weather and traffic, coming up.
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stay tuned.
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. welcome back, san leandro police found a man in his vehicle last night. the man was rushed to the hospital for surgery, his condition has not been released and police have not released information about a shooter or a murder. the actor has now died. he was known as one of the odd couples. he was best friends with hisco actor and spend much of his life on television.
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his family said he died peacefully at his southern california home. the cause of his death is not known. the 89-year-old died of natural causes at his home in new york city. the two time oscar nominee is known for his role as the best little whore house in texas. he also did a role with paul newman. he made his annual christmas day address. [inaudible] >> the 80-year-old delivered the message and called for world peace and called to the end of violence and asked people to make room for god in their fast paced lives. this is a town where they
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believe jesus was born. estimated 7 5,000 people visited bethlehem which was actually a drop from last year visited the area. the president spent christmas eve out on the links. he played golf after working out in a gym. the president greeted well wishers before starting his game. he may fly back in order to avoid the so called fiscal cliff. pam is on fire right now. we have a lot of traffic to talk about, there is an accident in the south bay. that's right, we have not a lot of details but the saratoga ramp is shut down. in san rafael we have a two car
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crash head-on with injuries. the impact was so severe the front wheels actually came off one car, all but one lane is closed and there is not a lot of traffic -- and there is a lot of traffic with a lot of debris in the roadway. >> not too many folks on the roadways as you make your way into the city. here is rosemary orozco. giving you a look at storm tracker 2, picking up a few returns, a few sprinkles are falling and we are picking up a few sprinkles in bodega bay. we do have the possibility of a few light scattered showers with mostly cloudy conditions overhead. for some it is not as cold, upper 30s and 40s around the
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region. this is what i do expect with today's system. about half the amount of rain is sunday's storm and it is not quite as robust in this direction. we will watch this begin to pick up with the front and 24- mile-per-hour gusts and the coast can be a little bit stronger. as well as northern california, it is 3500 feet and it will last the entire day. temperature wise it will be a cold one. 53 in berkeley and pacifica, mid-50s in los gatos. rain later today, scattered showers by wednesday morning, partly cloudy skies and clearing out for thursday and the weekend and i will have your latest on that timeline for the rain coming up. rosemary orozco is talking about the rain that is on the way and the ground is already saturated from a series of storms. we will take a look at the
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warning in some of the troubled spots. the gunfire that came dangerously close to children during a church service, we will take a look at that coming up.


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